Sam Frisby


The YMCA of Trenton is an organization with a long standing history in the Mercer County area. Founded in 1856, this Y was one of the very first in the United States of America, considering that YMCA’s did not come to the USA until 1850. The very first professional basketball game was played at the YMCA in Trenton; our history has been proud and strong, but our future is even stronger.

Here at the YMCA of Trenton the Board of Directors and the Staff share a commitment to nurturing the potential of our most valuable asset as a community, our children, promoting healthy living and fostering a strong sense of social responsibility. During these tough economic times Trenton like many other cities is going through many difficult challenges, but there are no challenges that communities who genuinely care about the well being of each other cannot overcome. The YMCA of Trenton is committed to creating an environment that allows families and communities to grow together.

Our organization stands on the foundation of Y-USA, our national organization which is 21 million strong and has more than 2,600 Y associations nationwide. With the assistance of this network we will continue to build stronger programs, engage more volunteers and strengthen the connections of the communities we serve in Trenton, Ewing and Lawrence. This Y is more than memberships; we are building healthy and strong relationships one person at a time.